Key features of nTalk India’s first one touch conference call app

nTalk features

On account of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been forced to work from homes. This has
resulted in disruptions to key conferences and meetings and, as a result, many issues in
company procedures. However, in a world where online conferences have become normal,
people’s problems relating to the same have not been reduced by any means. It has been
observed that creating groups, gathering employees to join those groups, internet issues, and
several other problems make online conference calls a hassle. Therefore, nTalk has developed a
conference call app for android mobile that will organize such events quite easily. Therefore, it
is necessary to get an overview of the key features that such an app provides to the users.

1. One Touch conference call

One of the best features of this mobile app is that it does not require calling every employee
individually. Through this app, a group can be made, and all the employees can be called in that
group through a tap of a button. This technology is, however, still pending a patent.

2. High Scaling feature

Through the help of this application, around 1500 contacts from a list can be called at a time.
This feature helps a lot to reduce time consumption.

3. Protection from disconnects

One of the key features of this group calling app is that it protects from network issues and
internet issues. If a participant got disconnected within 50 seconds of the call, the nTalk system
would auto redial. The app has the facility to do manual redial for disconnected participants.
nTalk helps to connect everyone, even in remote areas, as it is not an internet-based call. The
host can do individual redial or redial the entire participants who got disconnected.

4. Enable and disable muting option

In this application, the host always has the option to mute and unmute participants. This means
that the host controls the participants joining the conference call, and the host can do
individual/group mute & unmute.

5. Call analytics and support

The application has the option for call analytics. nTalk provides live call status, which helps the
host to see who has joined or not joined in the conference call. Apart from that, the company
will provide support to the users who download this application. They provide 24/7 consumer
care, and any issue or problem regarding the application will be addressed and resolved.

6. Flexible Pricing

Finally, the application provides brilliant pricing options. The company has a wide variety of
pricing for varying businesses, ranging from start-ups to established businesses. The number of
people a person can call at a time usually changes with the pricing changes. The validity of each

plan and total minutes available, however, does not change. nTalk provides the lowest pricing
plan in India. It offers Limited & Unlimited Plans. Unlike other conference call apps, nTalk
counts only host minutes, and participant minutes are free.

End Note
Therefore, it can be found out that the android conference call app by nTalk is brilliant and
efficient. It provides a wide variety of features and unique user options that are currently not
available in other conferencing apps. The one-touch conference call technology is probably a
unique feature of this application, and any business will benefit from the same.

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