Perks of using a multi-party conference app in the workplace

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When the physical mediums of contact shunned off and remote workplaces became the new talk of the corporate cavalry, digitization of conventional ways was inevitable. When the 9-5 cubicle morphed into the complete work from home culture, several working ways became dysfunctional. Team meetings, casual get-together events, the chit chat between the work hours, fun activities, and of course, the serious hours before the high-end deals became the memories of the distant past. That’s when conference apps came to the rescue. Whether you want to host an emergency meeting or you just want to catch up with some old work buddies, the best conference calling appcan be your ultimate solution, to talk to different people simultaneously without any interruptions.

If you are wondering about why businesses use call conferencing, then we must tell you that the cause may vary greatly by industry. In some cases, call conferencing is used to expand the reach of the company, while in others it is used to improve the overall quality of service in an organization. Here are a few examples of enterprises that might use conference call apps for android mobileand the ways they can use them.

  • SMEs

A whopping 40% of employees in the States work remotely for most of the week. The statistics in India as well as other countries has no different story to tell. Call conferences allow small and medium-sized businesses to hire people who live anywhere in the country and be in touch with the employees regularly.

  • Educational providers

Educational institutes can use conferencing apps instead of in-person meetings to discuss the progress of children, conduct PTMs, hold a board meeting or interact with students when they are confined within the physical boundaries of their homes.

  • Healthcare providers

Healthcare organizations all across the globe also use conferencing apps to provide telemedicine. They use conferencing apps to communicate with other members of a patient’s care team and note down the history and review of symptoms for several patients at once for accurate diagnosis.

  • Government agencies

Government agencies can also use conferencing to communicate during times of crisis. There are innumerable government institutions that schedule call conferences to communicate with each other without having to conduct an in-person meeting.

The bottom line

The role of technology has evolved greatly in the past few years. From a day where wired telephones were a channel to communicate with distant acquaintances to now when an android conference call apphas become the need of the hour, a lot has changed. Adapt with the pace of changes, and get a conference call app for making your remote workforce streamlined. Install nTalk and connect with your employees, managers, partners, or team whenever you need. The interactive UI, loaded features and wonderful scalability is your one-stop solution to world-class functionality. Get the app and make your next conferences as easy as anything!

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