Group Calling from nTalk to save the day: making conferencing easy

With the radical evolution of technology in the past few decades, enterprises have curated many innovative ideas to leap beyond the conventional working systems. One such way is the integration of digitization and shifting to work from home ecosystems when the pandemic kicked in. 

Even before the surge of COVID-19, the corporate landscape had warmly embraced remote working because of the tons of advantages that it had. To facilitate communication and to eradicate the need for constant travel and face-to-face communication, the business diaspora switched to audio conference call appsOrganizations moved to conference apps for a plethora of reasons, of which some are listed as follows:

Team collaboration

If your teams are working from a remote workspace and you need to discuss some changes or a few details about the next big project, then you need a medium to do so. Attending office within short notice might not be possible for everyone and without any proper discussion team collaboration can fail miserably. Some well-known apps have difficulty connecting video conferences due to problems with an internet connection, however with an audio conferencing app that won’t be the case. You can connect with your team and discuss the nitty-gritty of any small or big project without anything holding you back.

For executive meetings

Well, when you are working in the top tier of a company, then the company’s reputation rests on your delicate shoulders. You cannot trust your business data with anyone and everyone. However, when you decide to schedule a meeting on one of those social media apps, then your organization’s security is at risk. That’s when you need a reliable and secure option to connect with your company stakeholders, other CEOs, or managers. An audio conferencing app can be a great idea to do so because it utilizes safe, simple, and unified support with a screen-sharing alternative to empower your global teams to be more engaged, connected, and efficacious. 

Conferencing with nTalk

If you are searching for the perfect group calling app then nTalk can be your one-stop destination. It has all the bells and whistles that a feature-rich audio conferencing app should have. With its one-touch voice conference solution, you can connect to about 150 people in a span of 3 seconds from your android smartphones. nTalk has been quite the talk of the town because of the multitude of features that it hosts. The silver lining of this application is that the participants don’t need internet to connect, only the host needs internet for call initiation, The call volumes can range up to 1 million calls per day and the best part is that the application is regularly updated by the developers for a seamlessly interactive experience. 


With nTalk you can have access to unlimited audio conferencing features. Get in touch with your friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances with a single touch and initiate conference calls with an android smartphone. Connect with the world of multi-party conferences and interact with your favourite people in one go without any glitches. Install now and experience avant-grade functionality in the best-in-class teleconference app. 

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