nTalk – India’s Best Audio Conferencing App

Seamless Integration with Intuitive Features for the Best Audio Conference Call Experience. Say Goodbye to Call Drops and Noise Disruptions with nTalk!

Innovative Audio Conference Solutions at Affordable Prices

Having troubles connecting with your study group over one call? Not enough room for your whole team with your existing conference call features? Constant call drops and static disrupting your conference calls? What you need is to get out of the conventional audio conferencing services, and embrace the benefits of smart conference call solutions with nTalk.

We are India’s very first one-of-a-kind audio conference call app with cutting-edge features designed specifically for smartphones. It allows you to connect with multiple people, friends, family, or business associates and clients without zero disruptions. Powered by the best audio conferencing software (patent-pending) by our brilliant team of engineers and developers, nTalk ensures that you have the most fulfilling audio conference call experience at affordable subscription plans.

NTalk: The One-of-a-Kind Audio Conferencing App

What do you desire in an audio conferencing app? High-definition audio quality and clarity? Zero noise or in-call distractions? Reasonable pricing plans? nTalk gives you all of that and more!

  • The App is easy to use and comes with a simple interface. 
  • Download the app and connect with your contacts with just a touch.
  • Connect 1500 contacts into your conference call groups.
  • Works smoothly even in poor network areas.
  • Participant’s don’t need Internet to get a call )
  • Connect to both mobile phones and landlines.
  • Reasonable pricing plans for individuals and businesses.
  • Unlimited plans and customization options to access audio conferencing services. 
  • Streamline your business calls and get smart insights on call quality. 

Get Started with nTalk

  • Install the nTalk audio conferencing call appfrom Google Play Store
  • Register yourself on the App.
  • Import the contacts from your phone book.
  • Create the audio conference call group.
  • Make a call with just a single touch.

For any queries regarding our audio conferencing call app, feel free to reach out to our support team. We are at your service 24/7.


  1. How do I initiate audio conferencing over nTalk?

Initiating an audio conference call on nTalk is simple and very easy. Just download the app on your phone; create a conferencing group by adding people from your contact list and start talking. Connect each time with your conferencing group in a single touch. 

  1. How many people can I connect with at a time over nTalk? 

The number of participants on an active conference call would be determined by the plan that you subscribe to. nTalk is a one-of-a-kind audio conferencing app that allows you to connect a minimum of 7 people, going up to 1500 people at a time depending on your subscription plan. 

  1. Is the app available on all Operating Systems?

At the moment nTalk can be downloaded on Android (Google Play Store). You can access the download link from our website https://ntalkmobile.com/

  1. Will the audio quality or connectivity get affected with more people joining the call?

You can add as many people you want to a call, as per your subscription plan and we can assure you that there would be no disruptions like call drops, statics, poor audio quality, etc. 

  1. What happens if someone is in a bad coverage area and they get disconnected?

In case any of the participants get disconnected from the call due to network issues or otherwise, nTalk automatically reconnects the person to the conference call. As a host, you can redial the participants back into the call as well. 

  1. What options do I have in pricing plans?

nTalk has designed four very reasonable pricing plans for the users, which start from INR 350 per month to INR 1000 per month. The features and benefits would differ depending on the plan that you choose. 

  1. Do you have separate plans for businesses and individuals?

We have lucrative audio conference solutions for businesses looking for a secured and intuitive platform to hold their client calls and group discussions. Even if you are a small enterprise, our plans would fit right into your budget. 

  1. Can u customize an audio conferencing plan for me?

Yes, nTalk has unlimited plans and other customized pricing plans for the users. To access those, feel free to reach out to us at info@ntalkmobile.com

  1. As the call host do I get to modulate the audio conferencing?

The call host can modulate and control the audio conference by muting and unmuting the participants during an ongoing call if the situation calls for such an action. 

  1. What kind of support can you offer me in case of any issue with the app? 

As India’s top audio conference call app, nTalk’s customer care and support unit are active 24/7 to offer adequate service to our users. No matter the time, don’t hesitate to contact us to solve your queries or any issues with the app.