Best Group Conference Calling App

nTalk group conference call app adds more value to the connectivity in your life with a swift method of con-call connection establishment

Now, begin your audio conferences in just a few seconds with high clarity group calls so that you can enjoy a world of connectivity, adding better balance to your professional and personal life. Just with a simple and single tap to the call button, you can reach out to a large number of people at one time, which, in turn, will add more speed and convenience to the way you look at life.

So, with nTalk’s best group conference call app, make instant audio conferencing anywhere and anytime, with milliseconds of internet or any other hardware. nTalk’s user-friendly interface and highly functional group call enable you to use the app without any operator assistance. You can even add more than 1500 participants in a single call and connect with one simple button.

Explore robust connectivity with feature-packed nTalk group calling app

Group calls are the newest way to stay connected with a large community these days. With business trends shifting towards the digitized work-from-home culture, building up group-based connections is the only way to get along with the modern era of communication. Thus, the nTalk group calling app is a must-have on your device so that you can save up on your time and efforts while at the same time reach out to thousands of people.

If you are a corporate professional, then with this best group meeting app for business, you can enjoy many business-related functionalities, which will aid your tasks. So, you can focus on your daily meetings better without worrying about the quality of audio calls. You can even access in-depth call analytics for each con-call you make. Moreover, there is an impressive detailed dashboard area from where you can manage all your calls and groups. So, all you need to do is import your contacts to the application and make groups of your colleagues and friends.

Key features of nTalk’s group conference call application

Being the best group conference calling app, nTalk boasts a wide range of highly dedicated features for large-scale conferencing among groups.

  • Host 1500+ participants

In just one con-call, you can now host more than 1500 participants, which serves to be a great feature for conducting large-scale meetings for organizational purposes.

  • Insightful call analytics

With the nTalk group calling app, you can easily access robust and intuitive analytics for each of your calls, improving your calling experience every time.

  • Quick calling

The nTalk group conference call app takes only 4-5 seconds to establish a group call with the registered members.

  • Encrypted calls

The nTalk group conference call app offers end-to-end encryption so that no third party can access your call, and it stays secured and protected within the members of specific groups.

  • Easy call controlling

With mute/ unmute and connect/ disconnect buttons, you can easily have complete control over your hosted calls and members of the groups to improve the overall calling experience.


  1. Can I make free group conference calls with this application?

Yes, nTalk is a completely free group conference call app for first 7 days that lets you make unlimited con-calls without any charges.

  1. How long does it take to connect a group conference call with nTalk?

With nTalk, you can make group conference calls faster than ever. It will only take about 4-5 seconds, provided you have a stable network.  However, if you have low network strength, internet is required for milliseconds to arrange a faster group con-call.

  1. From where I can manage all my groups for easy calling?

nTalk comes with a robust user interface and transparent dashboard area from where you can easily arrange and manage any of the groups as per your preferences.  You can click ‘My group tab’ to see all your groups for quick call.

  1. What If I face any problem with call making?

nTalk ensures that you do not face any trouble while making or receiving a con-call as our dedicated team keeps updating and fixing application bugs. However, if you face any problem, reach out to us; we are available 24x7 with our ready-to-help customer services.

  1. Can I get access to the call history with this application?

Yes, the nTalk application for the free group conference calls offers you the feature of accessing the call history that you can use further to place faster calls.

  1. What makes conference call making of nTalk different from others?

Unlike others, you can enjoy seamless automated group conference calling without any need of entering PIN or bridge numbers before dialling in.