One-Touch Conference Calling App for Android

nTalk brings you to the huge world of connectivity: Unleash the arena of communication with the best Android conference call app

In this world dominated by digitization, it is hard to stay connected with life and progress if you fall behind in communication. With the fast-moving lifestyle and speed of the modern age, why would you fall behind from the extensivity of connectivity when one simple touch can change your life?

Whether you desire to learn more while staying in a group, want to stay connected with your friends and family, or intend to upscale your business while enhancing your network all over, nTalk’s conference call app for Android mobile is all that you need right now. With one simple tap on your smartphone, you can create groups and add your contacts to build a world of connectivity with your large teams over a conference call in a few seconds and share your thoughts and ideas.

Explore seamless connectivity with easy Android conference calls with nTalk

The age of Android phones is making life easier, so why not add an extra touch of usefulness to it? Relying upon the traditional way of making conference calls is no longer a solution to keep up with the pace of the fastest-growing corporate and personal life. You thus need a dedicated Android conference call app for your phone. So, with nTalk’s Android application, you can now make last-minute deadline discussions with your employees, share new day-to-day ideas with clients, or break the barriers of geographical locations while connecting with your near and dear ones.

Whether organizations want to stay connected under one network or an individual seeks to catch up with their old friends to organize a school reunion, nTalk’s free conference call app for Android mobile serves to be the best solution. Now, you can connect “instantly” there is no time limit to bind you. Also, there is no more wasting time circulating call booking details or remembering IDs and Passwords. One-click is all it takes to establish a con-call.

nTalk Android conference call features

You can rely upon the nTalk Android conference calling app with your eyes closed due to its extensive range of features.

  • One-click outbound call initiation

With nTalk’s Android conference call app, you can connect to your team members with just one simple click on your smartphone.

  • Quick connection establishment

This application dials the members of the group you created and connects the call with no delay.

  • No PIN or Password needed

There is no hassle of entering passcodes, bridge numbers, or pins on this conference call app for Android; you can simply make secure con-calls in no time.

  • Easy to control the calls

You can improve the calling experience by accessing simple controlling options like add, mute, unmute, connect or remove for any of the members.

  • Latest call history

With this free conference call app for Android, you can get access to the latest call log, from where you can initiate a con-call with the members of your groups again without wasting time.


  1. How do participants join the conference call?

Participants don’t need to install the app or need internet connectivity. They can simply answer the call and automatically get added into a conference call.

  1. Is there any time limit for calls that I can make via this app?

No, the nTalk conference call application does not bound you to any time limit. You can make unlimited calls based on your plan.

  1. Do I need internet access to make a call on the app?

nTalk conference call app for Android mobile enables you to make a con-call and connect with your team. Internet is required for a fraction of seconds to initiate the call. After that you can turn off the internet. If you enable internet you will get added benefits like redial, mute , unmute, call status etc.

  1. From where I can download the nTalk Android conference call app?

You can get this conference call app from the Play Store and install it anytime.

  1. Can I get access to my call history with this application?

nTalk’s best conference call app for Android offers you complete access to your recent and previous call log, which is easy to use for dialing instant conference calls.

  1. Does this app work on iPhone?

No, the nTalk conference call app is completely dedicated to Android phones, so you cannot use it on your iPhone.