Best Conference Calling App – nTalk

nTalk welcomes you to the future of conference calls: Talking with your group is made easier with the best conference calling app!

Experience high- definition audio with a multi-party conference calling app from nTalk. Connect with your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances with a single touch and live the incredible audio conference experience.

When physical channels are inaccessible and the whole world is connected through their smartphones, you can talk to your squad on conference calls with nTalk. All you need to do is to create a group on the conference calling app, select people from your contacts, and you can make a conference call within a minute. We have an exceptionally user-friendly interface, and our highly scalable feature allows users to connect up to 1500 contacts in their phone book in a single call.

The age of conference calls with nTalk

Whether you run an organization and you want to host a quick round-up call for your team of employees or you are getting bored and want to talk with your friends and family, you can always use the best conference calling app to talk with your peers. nTalk has made audio conferencing 4x easier. Import your contact lists, and manage a large group of participants with just a few clicks. Get connected with everyone in your group in seconds without any headaches and manage a large group of participants with just a few clicks.

With the conference calling app, enterprises and teams can improve their productivity by a whopping 80%. No PINs or security codes are required, and from day one, and with the best conference calling app, you and your team will love the ease of responsive interface. With nTalk's advanced analytics, experience a comprehensive understanding of every call that you make.

nTalk app features

nTalk is the best conference calling app because of the awesome app features that are listed as follows:

  • One-touch conference call

To use nTalk, all you need to do is create a conferencing group, and you can start talking within a minute.

  • Dial-in conferencing

The poor network will never be an issue for your conference calls. You can rest assured because our dial-in conferencing feature will have your back.

  • Call Analytics

You can always keep track of your call records with our best app for conference calls. Get accurate insights into your call conferences, and customer calls with nTalk because our team works to give you the most incredible app experience.

  • User-friendly UI

Our interface is simple yet elegant. Experience the best of the app for conference calls with our responsive user interface in the industry. 

  • Scalable for multi-party conference

With nTalk's app for conference calls, users can connect with up to 1500 contacts in their phonebook with a single touch. Moreover, we assure you no fuss or glitches in our free conference app because our developers constantly work to fix the bugs or glitches in the app.

  • No internet required

Just the host needs internet and all the participants can be connected with one touch by just answering the call. Also, as all our calls are crystal clear and you won't experience any sort of drops, echoes, and external disturbances during the call.


  1. Do I need the internet to use the conference call feature?

To use the nTalk app for a conference call, only you as the initiator or the admin need internet, the participants just to answer the call.

  1. When can I reach your customer care service?

We are the best free conference call service in India because our customer support team is available around the clock. You can reach us on our customer support line 24/7 and we will answer your queries regarding the app, it's functioning, or our plans.

  1. Can I make International calls as well?

On nTalk you can get in touch with people from all across India, provided if they have an Android phone and you have internet.

  1. Why isn't the app working on my phone?

Our free conference call app is only compatible with Android phones. If our App isn't working on your Android phone, then there might be some technical glitches, or there might be some compatibility issues. Reach us out and we will guide you through the process.

  1. Do you offer call recording services in your app?

Not yet, but our developers are working to include this feature soon.

  1. How long does it take to connect a conference call on nTalk?

It takes less than 3 seconds to connect with participants. Since the call depends upon your network coverage, even if you have low network connectivity the call gets connected very quickly. The host needs the internet to open the app and initiate the call further he can even turn off the internet he the host doesn't want to see live call status. 

  1. Why should I choose to nTalk?

nTalk is India's first one touch conference calling app with a powerful interface and features. nTalk is the only app which doesn't count participants minutes during a call. nTalk also offers the lowest pricing plan in India. The world class customer support at nTalk is always there for your support.

  1. Is your app available on iOS app stores?

No. Currently our free conference call app is only available for smartphones that work with Android Operating systems, but we are trying to develop for iOS as well.