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Harness the power of high-quality calls with the best teleconference app from nTalk.

Take business meetings to the best conference app and make remote working easy. Foster a connected working environment with a seamlessly working teleconference app. nTalk brings to you the future of conferencing apps that can enable uninterrupted connections with anyone across every nook and corner of the world.

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Do you want to talk to your friends, family, or colleagues when you are confined within the walls of your home? Is your internet connectivity giving you nightmares, when you are hosting a video call? Then opt for nTalk. The leading teleconference app can provide a wide range of features to stay connected with your peers. In fact, you can also host your meetings and work virtually as you hold a conference in nTAlk. The high-definition audio and responsive interface are an extreme delight to work with.

nTalk hosts a wide array of features for users who wish to experience impeccable conference sessions. These include

  • One-touch conference

Are you fed up with the long verification and restricted features of your phone’s conventional conferencing? Do you want to get connected with your group within a snap? Then we offer a one-touch conferencing feature. All you need to do is to register, create a group, add the participants, and you can start a conference within seconds.

  • No internet required

To host a conference call only the admin or the host needs an internet connection. The participants can join in simply and talk without the need for a high-speed internet connection.

  • Multi-party conference

Connect with more than 1500 contacts in your phonebook and host a conference that has absolutely zero glitches because of participant overload. At nTalk, we live to provide incredible experiences at affordable prices, and so our packages are reasonable as well.

  • Dial-out conferencing

With our user-friendly UI and crystal clear audio quality, we also offer dial-out conferencing with which you can have your participants back in case the internet slows down or disconnects during the conference.

  • Call analytics

Track your conferencing activity and keep your record clear. With nTalk, we offer accurate and effortless call analytics to redefine your conferencing experience.


  1. Why is nTalk best among other teleconference meeting apps?

nTalk is the best among the most conference meeting apps because of its exquisitely user-friendly interface and scalable features. nTalk has made conferencing easier by manifold. Get connected with anyone across India and manage a large number of participants without any hassle.

  1. Why can’t I download the nTalk app on my iOS device?

As our application is only available for phones that support Android Operating systems, you won’t find nTAlk in your apple app store. However, don’t be disappointed because our developers are planning to expand to iOS as well. So, we will be soon in your app store.

  1. Why can’t I connect my conference call?

Usually, the conference call can start within seconds after you add the participants. But, if you are unable to connect the conference call or add the participants, then you can always reach us on our helpline. Our experts will get in touch with you within no time.

  1. When can I reach your customer service?

At nTalk, our customer support executives are live 24/7. They can practically assist you with anything that you need starting from app glitches to connectivity issues. So, reach us anytime around the clock. It won’t be an issue.

  1. Why isn’t the app opening on my phone?

If you have downloaded nTalk and it isn’t opening on your phone, then there are chances that your model isn’t compatible. However, there might be other issues as well. So, to find out it’s best that you raise your query in our customer service channel.

  1. Do I need internet if I am the host?

Yes, if you are the admin or the host for the conference call, then you will need the internet to connect the conference cal. However, once the participants are connected, the internet won’t be a pre-requisite. Also, in case they get disconnected, there is this dial-out conferencing feature to save your back and reconnect the participants. With this feature, the system will do auto redial and also the host can also do the redial if they want to rejoin.

  1. Can nTalk automatically access my phonebook?

If you give access to the teleconference app after you grant the permissions on your settings, it can access your phonebook, and you can place any call without dialing the number manually.

  1. Are there any data security issues with nTalk?

At nTalk, we assure you that your data is safe with us. We use data just for verifying your registered account, and there are absolutely no data breaches. All the vulnerabilities are tested in the app, so there are zero chances of data breaches. Also, nTalk operates under TRAI regulations, so the question of security threats is almost nil.